How do you out play your competition?

Do you use your highest might cards first or save them till the end?

Do you track what hero cards they have played and then bring on the heat?

What tells do you look for?

Post your best play tips here and help improve the skill level of other players.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Jim says:

    I like to come out in round 1 with a hero level 1 and low might cards.

    • wesleycat says:

      with hero level 1 it ends takes out the other hero and leaves all the might cards to score so I always like to play high might cards with hero 1 so I score better.

      one hand we played I had hero 1 and a 10 and 9 might cards and they had hero level 3 with a 5 and 4 might cards my hero knocked out the level 3 hero that they had and he scored 9 total and I scored 19 total.

      no mater what his hero is when he is knocked out the cards score.

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